Lakers’ Patrick Beverley’s Blunt Take On Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard

Lakers' Patrick Beverley’s Blunt Take On Clippers' Kawhi Leonard

Patrick Beverley was one of the most excited people in the world when Kawhi Leonard agreed to join the Los Angeles Clippers.

He famously predicted that his squad would henceforth own the NBA for years.

Of course, that didn’t end up happening.

Leonard has struggled to stay healthy for pretty much the entirety of his Clippers run. Beverley, meanwhile, has been traded multiple times over the past couple of years.

Nevertheless, despite them not experiencing the sort of success that Beverley hoped for at one point, he still has a lot of love for Leonard.

During a recent appearance on his podcast, Beverley spoke openly and honestly about his friend and former teammate.

“I’m talking like, you would f—ing love him,” Beverley said.

“He doesn’t like to talk much ’cause people are gonna, you know, if he was a type to say a lot of words, people will be like, any little thing he says will make it really big, so he chooses not to talk. That motherf—er does talk. Talks a little too much too, so…”

That said, Beverley insists that Leonard does have a fun personality.

“No, no, no, no,” the Lakers star continued.

“He’s the one telling the jokes. He’s the type of guy who comes, ‘oh, cheers, Kawhi champagne.’ And he goes, ‘there you go my boy. Drinking on that devil’s juice.'”

Regardless of whether Beverley is revealing his best friend on the Lakers, tweeting with reckless abandonment or chasing opposing NBA players down in parking lots – he tends to keep it real.

So if he is saying this stuff about Leonard (more than once, no less), then you know he means it.

Will Beverley and Leonard ultimately get the opportunity to play together once more before they end up retiring?

Time will tell.

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