NFL Fans React To Charissa Thompson’s Racy Airplane Story

NFL Fans React To Charissa Thompson’s Racy Airplane Story

Charissa Thompson has become synonymous with NFL coverage over the past few years.

Although she started out analyzing all sports for ESPN, ever since departing the Worldwide Leader, she has really narrowed her focus.

These days Thompson is doing Thursday Night Football for Amazon and then Fox football on Sundays. In addition to that, she also co-hosts a wildly successful podcast with Erin Andrews that routinely makes headlines.

This week was no exception.

In a now-viral segment, Thompson told an incredible story about a racy encounter she had on an airplane not too long ago:

“You know when you’re sitting next to someone and that screen is so bright, and you can’t help but look over and I don’t want to look over…Now I’m reading the texts,” Thompson said.

“I’m trying so hard not to look, but now it’s an older individual and there was sexting and pictures. I was like, ‘Oh my god stop looking,’ and then I was like, ‘Wait I want to look. I want to see what’s happening here.'”

Things would only get more salacious from there.

“They were sexting on their phone, but the font was so big…It wasn’t bad but it was enough,” Thompson continued.

“Then I looked at the person and was like, maybe I need to spice it up here because there is something going on here with this situation.”

NFL fans took to Instagram as soon as they heard the story to react.

“Ya’ll vibe off each other so well! I love the energy,” one person wrote.

“Okay, I love you two,” another added.

“Another great episode,” a third person chipped in.

This actually isn’t the first time in recent weeks Thompson has blown up online like this. Between her outfit recently causing a stir on Thursday Night Football and her now-infamous provocative dress on Fox’s Sunday morning show – it has been one thing after another.

Thompson has always been an open book with her audience. Whether she is speaking candidly about her leaked photo scandal or offering a personal confession about her new boyfriend – she generally keeps it pretty real.

In that regard, it’s unsurprising that she would so smoothly tell a racy story like this airplane one in a way that everyone would love.

With the NFL season in full swing, it’s safe to assume this won’t be the last time in the foreseeable future Thompson sets the internet ablaze.

What will she go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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