Charissa Thompson’s Outfit Causes A Stir On NFL Sunday (Photos)

Charissa Thompson’s Outfit Causes A Stir On NFL Sunday (Photos)

Charissa Thompson is widely regarded as one of the most respected broadcasters in all of sports.

Although her coverage over the years has spanned many leagues and a variety of big games, what she is most closely associated with is her work on NFL Sundays.

When there is football to be played – Thompson is there. And she has slowly but surely become one of the most famous faces linked with the sport.

One interesting thing that happens on a seemingly weekly basis is that Thompson’s attire for her gamedays gets scrutinized to no end. And this past week was no exception.

Thompson’s blue outfit caused quite the stir:

“What color can you not pull off?” one person wrote.

“A vision,” a second fan added.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks Thompson has blown up online for something like this. Her provocative dress from a couple of Sundays back also caused some commotion.

Interestingly enough, though – Thompson is kind of over it. And she said this much during a recent episode of her podcast:

“If I wear a dress that’s literally a f***ing turtleneck dress, my arms are covered, my legs are covered, then it’s like, ‘Oh what is this evening wear?’ If I wear anything that remotely shows cleavage, it’s like, ‘Oh you little s**t on a Sunday.’ I’m like, which one? What do you want from me?” Thompson said.

The frustration there is obviously understandable. And it’s similarly reasonable that Thompson would opt to keep it real in this fashion.

When you consider her heartfelt admission about her new beau, confession about the actual reason she dumped her husband after just one year of marriage and her overall vulnerability regarding her current relationship situation, Thompson always tends to be very honest.

This, much like her heartfelt monologue about her leaked photo scandal, is just another example of that.

Thompson is a star. There is no other way to describe it. There’s a reason her provocative photos with Erin Andrews and the pair’s wild videos together do insane numbers on Instagram.

So fans will follow her no matter what.

But hopefully she starts getting the sort of reactions to her outfits that she is hoping for.

Thompson is an NFL Sunday mainstay. And she is really good at what she does.

As the season picks up steam, it wouldn’t be all that shocking to see her land in the headlines many more times for a myriad of different reasons throughout the rest of 2022.

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