Fans Notice Size Difference Between Bronny, Bryce At Lakers Game (Video)

Fans Notice Size Difference Between Bronny, Bryce At Lakers Game (Video)

Bronny and Bryce James were both on hand Tuesday night to witness their dad, LeBron James, break the NBA’s all-time scoring record.

It was a special moment for all involved.

A video of James’ family entering the arena ahead of the outing went mega-viral, for obvious reasons.

Interestingly enough, eagle-eyed fans at home couldn’t help but notice the size disparity between 18-year-old Bronny and 15-year-old Bryce James in that video.

It is something of a known fact that Bryce has been growing at a crazy rate over the past year and change, but it is getting to be quite noticeable how much larger he is than his big brother.

Bronny is currently in the midst of picking between nine colleges that are clamoring for the opportunity to recruit him. Earlier this week Michelle Beadle went viral for dismissing Bronny’s skills, but the reality is that scouts are very high on him.

Mentally, especially, Bronny appears to have all of his dad’s grit and tenacity. Nothing shakes him. Not the media’s intense focus on his love life, not opponents – nothing. The kid is unflappable. The only question surrounding him at this point is how his size will translate at the next level.

Bryce, meanwhile, seems to be following his dad’s growth trajectory. Sometimes he looks like a giant when he is playing against other kids. And again, he is only 15 years old right now. He still has his peak growth years ahead of him.

The James family may have checked off a big milestone on Tuesday night, but they also still have a lot to look forward to.

Both Bronny and Bryce are going to be must-watch TV at the collegiate level. What does the future have in store for these youngsters? Time will tell.

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