Lakers Fans Suspicious Over Anthony Davis’ Odd Behavior At Game

Lakers Fans Suspicious Over Anthony Davis’ Odd Behavior At Game

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night in disappointing fashion.

That said, the evening wasn’t a total loss. History was made when LeBron James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s infamous all-time scoring record in epic fashion.

Everyone celebrated James’ crowning achievement, but eagle-eyed NBA fans couldn’t help but notice that one person didn’t seem particularly enthused with what he was seeing.

That person? Anthony Davis.

Given the magnitude of the moment and what was happening in front of him, fans were genuinely weirded out by Davis’ reaction.

A number of responses flowed in immediately.

Obviously the Lakers have had a rough week. Having their offer for Kyrie Irving be deemed not good enough had to sting.

That said, the NBA Trade Deadline is still 24 hours away. Something could happen. L.A. has had a Plan B in place in case they didn’t get Irving for a while now. And their most realistic trade options at this point could still significantly improve the roster.

But if there is acrimony between James and Davis, that would be a much harder thing to overcome.

Will an answer ever come out regarding why Davis was being so weird when James broke his record? Time will tell.

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