Michelle Beadle’s Brutally Honest Take On Bronny James

Michelle Beadle's Brutally Honest Take On Bronny James

Michelle Beadle is one of the preeminent sports voices of her generation. Between stints at ESPN, NBC and ESPN again, she built up a certain amount of credibility with fans as a rare type of truth-teller.

Nothing was a better illustration of Beadle’s general brand of straight-forwardness than her confession not long ago about how LeBron James tried to get her fired.

She didn’t back down from continuing to voice her opinion about him then, and this week she revealed that she isn’t particularly shy about offering takes on his family either.

With LeBron’s eldest son Bronny set to take the leap to college, Beadle, offered her thoughts on the 18-year-old.

“(Bronny) is nowhere near as good as his dad,” Beadle said in a recent interview. “But someone will draft him because he is LeBron’s son.

“That’s a big shadow to fill and I sometimes wonder about the kids of greats. ‘Why? Why do the same field that your dad dominated?’ Go be an engineer! Go into a different field, because you’ll never live up to that. Ever.”

An interesting take, for sure. While nobody thinks Bronny will be as good as LeBron, a lot of that has to do with the fact that LeBron is arguably the greatest player of all time. If he ends up being half as good, that’d still be a pretty remarkable basketball player.

There are currently nine colleges fighting over Bronny. While some of that undeniably has to do with his family name, a lot of it is also because they see potential in him.

Bronny doesn’t have all the physical attributes that his dad did at his age, but he has the exact same mental resilience. It doesn’t matter whether the Kardashian sisters are at his games, or opponents are trying to rattle him, or his love life is in disarray. He stays focused no matter what.

That is a rare skill for someone Bronny’s age.

Time will tell if Beadle’s skepticism about Bronny will proven to fair long-term. For now, though – it really seems like he has an extremely bright future ahead of him.

Bronny did everything asked of him at the high school level. If he does the same in college and beyond, he will more than live up to the lofty expectations set for him.

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