Al Horford’s Sister Anna Offers Blunt Kyrie Irving Warning

Al Horford's Sister Anna Offers Blunt Kyrie Irving Warning

Al Horford’s sister Anna is one of the more vocal siblings in the NBA.

She has been front and center for her brother’s career for a long time, so she knows what she is talking about it when it comes to hoops.

This week, in the midst of never-ending drama surrounding Kyrie Irving, Anna offered something of a blunt warning.

In a tweet that contained no words but a very telling image, Anna shared this:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between he lines here. Anna is noting that Irving promised he would be loyal to the Boston Celtics, then turned around and took a wrecking ball to his relationship with the franchise.

Shortly thereafter, Irving joined the Brooklyn Nets and promised to stay loyal to them. Then history repeated itself once more.

Now Irving is promising to be on his best behavior for the Dallas Mavericks. Time will tell if that ends up happening.

Fans responded to Anna’s cautionary tweet immediately.

Anna is obviously very outspoken. Between the wild photos she posted last week and now this, clearly she has no reservations about causing a stir.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Irving and the Mavericks. Luka Doncic’s role in the whole process came out on Monday, but it remains unknown whether he will be happy with his decision down the line.

Will Anna’s warnings about Irving be proven correct? One way or another, the answer to that question will present itself over the next year.

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