Al Horford’s Sister Anna Reveals Wild Photos After Lakers Game

Al Horford's Sister Anna Reveals Wild Photos After Lakers Game

Al Horford’s sister Anna has been in the spotlight for as long as her brother has been in the NBA.

It is understood that, given the rambunctious nature of hoops fans, sometimes those close to players are subjected to some unfair treatment.

This past week the Boston Celtics faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers in a highly-anticipated showdown between two historic rivals.

After the game, Anna shared some photos of some wild messages she received from Lakers fans who were unhappy with how the outing had gone for them.

Truly unhinged stuff, any which way you want to look at it.

Fortunately, NBA fans by and large seemed to sympathize with Anna’s plight.

This isn’t the first time Anna has found herself in the headlines over something like this. Yet no matter how much backlash she faces from angry fans, she never backs down.

That is unlikely to change any time soon.

Will Lakers fans ultimately make it right with Anna and do better the next time their team faces off against the Celtics? Time will tell.

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