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ESPN Reporter Claims She’s Still ‘Scarred’ By Urban Meyer Video

ESPN Reporter Claims She’s Still ‘Scarred’ By Urban Meyer Video

Given all the big name head coaching changes that have occurred in college football over the past week, many have taken to wondering where Urban Meyer’s future stands.

Obviously he is currently locked into a deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but it seems like neither party is particularly happy with how things have gone thus far. Ownership is no longer enchanted with him and players are tuning him out.

In light of Meyer’s past comments regarding Notre Dame, when Brian Kelly — extremely shadily — ditched the Fighting Irish for LSU, he emerged as a legitimate replacement candidate.

On Tuesday, ESPN assembled a panel to discuss the likelihood and fit of Meyer in South Bend. During their discussion, the topic of his infamous bar video came up.

By now, everyone knows the story. Meyer was captured on video in a bar being grinded up on by a lovely young blonde lady. His wife, Shelley, did not originally respond well to what happened, lashing out on social media. Then even more embarrassing clip came out, showing precisely where Meyer was inserting his hand while the woman was grinding on him. Eventually both Meyer’s wife and daughter would speak out and put the matter to bed. Shortly thereafter, a new sequence of scandalous accusations came out. Claims were made about a series of improper texts and a third, even more brutal, video. It remains to be seen what will come of those accusations.

In the meantime, however, during that ‘Get Up’ panel conversation on ESPN, one of their reporters claimed she was still ‘scarred’ by what she saw on that Meyer bar video.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t,” Heather Dinich said of Notre Dame hiring Meyer.

“Urban’s made his choices, and not all of them have been great. Is he a good coach? Yeah, he won at Ohio State. We’ve seen some issues. We’ve seen some videos. I’m scarred by those videos.”

Make of that assessment what you will.

In a 2021 college football season tarnished by an SEC reporter being criticized for her excessively “revealing” wardrobe and obvious bullying of team staff, there’s a case to be made that Meyer’s behavior would actually fit right in perfectly. But to each his or her own.

Will Meyer ultimately ditch the 2-9 Jaguars for greener pastures at Notre Dame? Will anyone even give him the opportunity to? An answer should emerge in the coming days and weeks.

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