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Kentucky’s DeAndre Square Getting Suspended For Bullying Equipment Manager? (Video)

Kentucky’s DeAndre Square Getting Suspended For Bullying Equipment Manager? (Video)

Kentucky defeated South Carolina 16-10 on Saturday evening to improve to 4-0 on the year.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t come and go without controversy.

Specifically, the actions of team linebacker DeAndre Square have gone viral following a particularly odd incident that replays showed was totally avoidable.

The video speaks for itself:

The event in question occurred as Square was chasing South Carolina quarterback Luke Doty out of bounds. Once the play was over, the Wildcats star could be seen slowing down, seemingly preparing to come to a stop, and then inexplicably shoving to the ground a person who appeared to be the equipment manager.

Just totally needless stuff by any objective measure.

After the fact, Square claimed he apologized.

For obvious reasons, fans were ticked off.

There has been some chatter online regarding whether a suspension is warranted, but it seems unlikely.

This young college football season has seen some weird moments. An Ohio State player quit the team midgame on Saturday and then trashed the program on Twitter; a school was blatantly cheated out of clear victory last week; and an ESPN reporter came under fire two weeks ago for wearing an outfit that SEC fans deemed ‘too revealing’ for reasons unbeknownst to normal people. Just odd stuff all around. But this weird move by Square may just take the cake.

Will Kentucky punish him? Probably not. Should they? Well, the video speaks for itself.

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