New Urban Meyer Video, ‘Lurid’ Text Messages Allegedly Exist

New Urban Meyer Video, ‘Lurid' Text Messages Allegedly Exist

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Miami Dolphins 23-20 this past Sunday. Not only did this signify their first win of the season, but it also snapped a 20-game losing streak — the second-longest streak in the Super Bowl era.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good news for Meyer this week.

The Jaguars head coach has been embroiled in something of a messy scandal over the past month. Many felt like the reverberations from it were finally starting to die down, but new accusations made over the weekend may change that.

In a serious of tweets, numerous allegations were made that paint a troubling picture. One far more severe than originally believed:

Given how damning the last leaked video of Meyer was, and taking into account how explicitly it showed what he was doing with his hands, it’s understandably why some would be taken aback by these most recent claims.

In light of the rather blunt message Meyer’s wife, Shelley, offered to the first set of videos – she likely won’t respond kindly to this most recent news.

The timing of all this is pretty rough, too. On the heels of Meyer’s first win as the Jaguars’ head coach, a clip emerged of how his wife and daughter reacted to the event.

This most recent development won’t help matters any.

And then on a professional level, one can’t help but wonder if this will finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. There have been a lot of reports about how Meyer’s Jaguars players had lost faith in him and how ownership was turning on him.

Will this dismantle what’s left of Meyer’s credibility?

Time will tell if anything ultimately comes of this, but obviously this is the last thing Meyer needed right now.

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  1. Urban sucked at. Florida , at Ohio, now in Jax. WHO THINKS HE A COACH AT ALL? Quit hiring these dirt bags. How embarrassing for his family and the Jag fans. I can only imagine, with that smirk on his face, that this is not the first time. HE NEEDS TO GO.

  2. Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you. I don’t think any of us are perfect. There is no doubt that the man can coach football. Maybe he is wrong. Maybe his wife won’t give him sex at home. Or maybe the marriage was not in a good place before all this, and his wife wants money. The point is, we only know one part of an obviously very difficult and private situation. I would say to the person who keeps reporting this stuff “get a life”.

    1. Yes. Let’s blame the wife and others for THIS mans bad behavior and throw in a little. ‘Ye who is without sin’ crap that fits the ‘Christian male agenda. Brian. You are part of the problem. Sit down.

    2. Sorry, it is NOT private when you ae doing it in PUBLIC. It is also utter hypocrisy when he denounces others for not living a life devoted to christ, unless of course christ was an adulterer who recruited murderers and cheated on his wife

    1. Wow! Would you want a man to do this to you mom, sister, daughter!! If he wasn’t out doing dirt there would be not dirt to post. But he was, got caught and it was blasted for everyone to see

  3. I would like to know anyone here who hasn’t screwed up. We’re all made of the same flesh. Maybe not to the extent he succumbed to but still. I’m sure everyone here has did bad immoral things. Alot more evil shit happening in those country that should take center stage besides this. Unless someone in here is Jesus Christ we have all made mistakes.

  4. Leave this man ALONE! For God’s sake, he’s 60 yrs old! WTF would YOU do if some 23 yr old HOT chick decides to Twerk on you? You DAMNED right you woulda stood there just like HE did! Get OVER it! It’s between he and his wife!

  5. Don’t be an idiot and Ask “what will happen” You site examples of earlier responses from the wife and daughter, comments from players and others who work with him. Even go so far as to put a price tag on how much it may cost the team if they have to pay out his contract. This is destruction of his charector publicly. Albeit he made it easy but don’t pretend you are nieve about the result.

  6. Have heard that Meyer doesn’t have the players’ respect and that this incident makes it worse is rather amusing. Coming from players with illegitimate children in every city in the league.

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