Jaguars Players Already Turning On Urban Meyer?

Jaguars Players Already Turning On Urban Meyer?

Early this week Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer announced that Trevor Lawrence would serve as the team’s starting quarterback heading into next season. The move was largely expected, and didn’t catch too many people off guard.

What has caught folks a little off guard, however, is the adjustment curve Meyer has been dealing with since landing his new gig.

Between bizarre playing-calling, strange roster decisions and unexpected public comments – Meyer has raised his fair share of eyebrows over the past few months.

Perhaps most importantly, Meyer’s somewhat unconventional decisions have already seemingly irked some of his players.

So much so, in fact, that Jaguars players are now speaking out about how they don’t like the college-type stuff he has brought to the organization.

“He’s got to change a few things,” CBS Sports NFL insider Pete Prisco said on The Da Show this week.

“He brought a bunch of college-like things to the program, which I don’t necessarily agree with. And I’ve heard some of the players aren’t thrilled with him either, including having a microphone on the field – one of his assistants on the field during practice with a boom mic, telling everybody to hydrate and hustle and get to the next period.”

All that being said, Meyer does have one thing going for him – his track record.

“He’s been a good football coach everywhere he’s been,” Prisco continued. “It’s a lot different when you recruit guys to your school and have a bunch of the top players than it is trying to build something. So, it’s going to be a challenge. I’m not giving up on what he can do in his first two games. I don’t think that’s fair to him or the quarterback. But they’re not off to a good start.”

Although Lawrence hasn’t dazzled in the preseason in the way some other rookie quarterbacks have, his collegiate pedigree is beyond reproach. Because of that, you can’t bet against him going forward. And if Lawrence ultimately proves to be a success in the starting role, then he’ll make a lot of Meyer’s other decisions and moves look a lot better as a result.

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