Urban Meyer’s Blunt Take On Tim Tebow’s Jaguars Future

Urban Meyer’s Blunt Take On Tim Tebow’s Jaguars Future

Urban Meyer’s decision to give Tim Tebow an opportunity to compete for a spot on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ roster caught a lot of people by surprise.

While the rationale of using Tebow in a Taysom Hill-like role sort of makes sense, the fact that the former Florida star had been out of the league for years prior to this is telling.

This past Thursday Meyer appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and offered a blunt take on Tebow’s odds of making the Jaguars’ final roster.

“And what’s the percentage of making the team?” Meyer said.

“We don’t know. This is uncharted waters. This is gonna be very difficult. But he’s been doing great. He’s been doing great in practice. He’s learning the offense. As you can imagine, he’s working as hard as anybody. I see a good camaraderie amongst the team with him. It’s been good so far.”

Last week, NFL insider Ian Rapoport said something fairly similar about Tebow’s odds of making the final roster.

“Is he gonna make the team? I was told 50-50,” Rapoport said on The Pat McAfee Show.

“But he’s got the head coach in his corner, he’s obviously being brought on for a reason. They watched multiple workouts. I would imagine they think that he’s going to make it if they sign him.”

For obvious reasons, Tebow getting a shot at new life in the NFL has brought up memories of another displaced, polarizing quarterback.

If Tebow ends up making the Jaguars roster, expect that sort of chatter to intensify going forward.

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