Stephen Curry, Ayesha Taking Sides In Sonya, Dell Divorce?

Stephen Curry, Ayesha Taking Sides In Sonya, Dell Divorce?

The ongoing divorce proceedings between Dell and Sonya Curry have taken an ugly turn in recent days.

When news of the separation initially broke, many wondered if the couple would be able to handle it amicably.

The answer appears to be ‘no.’

Over the past 24 hours, scandalous and salacious details regarding why the pair is splitting have emerged – and it has prompted many to wonder how Stephen and Ayesha Curry ultimately feel about what’s transpiring.

According to MTO News, Stephen and Ayesha are reportedly on Sonya’s side in regards to this whole sordid affair.

“A family friend of the Curry’s explained, ‘[Steph] has a special relationship with his mother, and so he’s supporting her.’ … The insider added, ‘[Steph’s] relationship with his father is strained after this. He’s disappointed that [Dell] would put all their family business out there, and he doesn’t believe the accusations against his mother.’”

A few days ago, when news of his parents’ separation first broke, Stephen sent an emotional message to his brother and fellow NBA player Seth on Instagram. Obviously he is holding strong and trying to be a rock for his family in these trying times.

Based on everything that has come out over the past few days, it’s clear that this entire mess is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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