Dennis Rodman’s Odd Take On Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen Feud

Dennis Rodman’s Odd Take On Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen Feud

One of the ugliest stories in all of sports over the past few years has been the disintegration of the relationship between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Once heralded as the greatest duo of all time, the pair has seen all their dirty laundry come to the forefront.

Pippen has made some unfortunate claims against Jordan. Jordan has reacted in his own unfortunate way. People have taken sides. It has been brutal.

Things got so bad, at one point, that Pippen was too scared to show up to a major event because Jordan might be there.

And then things took an even odder turn when Jordan’s son began sleeping with Pippen’s ex-wife. She recently made headlines for saying that she plans to take the ‘Jordan’ name after they get married.

This week, Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman gave his thoughts on the whole situation.

“It’s just a lot of things that’s happened over the last couple of years,” Rodman said to TMZ.

“So, I think Scottie’s a little bitter and Michael’s more laid back and say, ‘Okay, like whatever,’ but they’re gonna work it out.”

Part of this belief seems to stem from the fact that Rodman never actually saw Jordan and Pippen have much bad blood prior to their current dispute.

“No, I never saw that before,” Rodman said.

“I never saw them fight. Even after the season, I never saw that. They were always hanging out together, playing golf together, traveling together.”

It will be interesting to see if Rodman’s prediction ultimately pans out.

He is a zany character, obviously, but he does seem to know Jordan and Pippen better than most.

And he has been quite blunt in his honest opinion of Jordan – a character most people are generally pretty afraid to speak about.

Will Jordan and Pippen heed Rodman’s words and ultimately work out their issues? Time will tell.

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