Dennis Rodman’s Blunt Reaction To Scottie Pippen-MJ Beef (Video)

Dennis Rodman’s Blunt Reaction To Scottie Pippen-MJ Beef (Video)

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan have been engaged in a pretty heated feud over the past year.

It began with Pippen responding negatively to his portrayal in Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’ documentary. From there, things spiraled.

Pippen wrote a book detailing a number of his beefs with his former Chicago Bulls running mate – including making some pretty serious allegations.

Some ex-Bulls sided with Pippen in the feud. A few current NBA players sided with Jordan. Multiple legends have tried their best to remain neutral.

Now Dennis Rodman has weighed in on the fracas.

During a recent interview, Rodman got brutally honest about his thoughts on the lingering beef that now exists between Pippen and Jordan.

“[Pippen’s] book, I don’t know what to say about that,” Rodman said.

“I lived with those guys for four years, and I never saw that. But I just think Scottie is so hurt, because he wants to get that recognition with Michael.

“Because he grew up with Mike and that whole 11 years they played together with each other, and he [disliked] the fact that Michael got $10 million for that documentary, he got nothing. I didn’t care about getting s**t. I didn’t care about the money. … That’s between [Michael] and Scottie.”

That said, Rodman also made it a point to express how much he loved Pippen.

“I love Scottie, Scottie revolutionized that position,” Rodman continued. “He revolutionized the position, you know, point-forward, he did, even though Michael Jordan was point-forward. But Scottie was that lanky, six-foot, nine [inch] guy that could just come down and beat you on a dribble, one, two dunk off the fastbreak.

“A lot of guys couldn’t do that back then. I mean, literally just one, two dunk. And Scottie has made these young kids today look good.”

It’s worth remembering, Rodman also recently got very honest about his current relationship with Jordan.

At this point, it’s hard to see how the relationship between Pippen and Jordan ever gets repaired. Things feel too far gone.

Nothing will ever take away from their storied legacy. They’re undeniable all-time greats, and their Bulls squad was arguably the best dynasty in league history.

But their friendship or any hope of a positive public relationship? That appears to be dead and gone.

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