Ex-Bulls Star Takes Scottie Pippen’s Side In Michael Jordan Beef

Ex-Bulls Star Takes Scottie Pippen’s Side In Michael Jordan Beef

Scottie Pippen has spent the last few months mercilessly criticizing his former teammate, Michael Jordan.

Between making serious allegations against him and in general calling him out for being overrated – it has been one thing after another.

Multiple big name NBA personalities, including Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma and Duke legend Grant Hill, have spoken out on the general uncomfortableness of this mostly-one way verbal onslaught.

However, this week a former Chicago Bulls star Stacey King came out and took a different position. In his eyes – Pippen’s critique is justified.

During an appearance on the Lowe Post podcast, Stacey King seemed to side with Pippen on the notion that Jordan was in the wrong.

“I thought that the documentary was really good for the fans,” said King.

“It gave people, in a down time with COVID, something to be happy about … It opened up a new set of fans for the Bulls teams back then. More people recognized that Michael was as good as their parents said he was. [But] I thought it was a little bit sensationalized.

“I didn’t like the way Scottie was portrayed in certain things. In that documentary, a lot of things Scottie did didn’t really pertain to that second three-peat. You know, the 1.8 seconds was when MJ was retired. In my opinion, that really didn’t need to be brought into ‘The Last Dance.’ It had nothing to do with that.”

King then went on to say that the infamous 1.8-second situation was misrepresented. Apparently, Pippen had a migraine.

“I was there when Scottie had the migraine,” said King.

“When you have one of the worst migraines, you can’t see, which Scottie couldn’t. He was in so much pain, coming to Detroit for that Game 7. He was in tears, and he tried to play. Couldn’t see and was just so visibly shaken by not being able to play. And he got such a bad rap for that. His teammates knew what he was going through, knew that he went out there and he wanted to play.

“To have that in a documentary, bringing that back up? We ended up winning three straight championships after that … I thought Scottie was treated harshly there and I understand where he is coming from. Scottie has always felt he doesn’t get the attention he deserves. He’s always been looked at as Robin to Batman.”

It will be interesting to see if Jordan responds to these comments. Up to this point, he has been very quiet about Pippen’s attacks on him.

But now that a second party has stepped up to defend Pippen – there are certain things that should be cleared up.

Will Jordan actually bother clearing them up, though? Time will tell.

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