Scottie Pippen Scared To Run Into Michael Jordan At NBA Event?

Scottie Pippen Scared To Run Into Michael Jordan At NBA Event?

The NBA’s All-Star Weekend came and went last Saturday and Sunday with much fanfare.

Among the main highlights was a massive league-held ceremony where the top 75 players of all time were honored. Chicago Bulls legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were among the dignitaries who were acknowledged.

That said, while Jordan opted to attend the event in person – Pippen showed up via video.

This week, fans attempted to get to the bottom of why.

According to least one report, Pippen’s absence can be traced back to the fact that “he didn’t want any smoke from Michael Jordan.”

Obviously no one will ever know the real reason Pippen failed to show, but it’s hard to argue that the optics aren’t great. Jordan was as charming as can be, feeling up Mary J. Blige and openly disrespecting Karl-Anthony Towns.

Pippen meanwhile, was off hidden somewhere – probably getting cheated on by Larsa Pippen.

Big picture, this is just the latest sad chapter written in the ongoing feud between Jordan and Pippen. One that Gary Payton broke down quite concisely just a few weeks ago.

Pippen has made some troubling accusations against Jordan. Jordan is over Pippen’s nonsense. Dennis Rodman has his own take on events, one that everyone probably agrees with to some degree. It’s a mess.

Hopefully at some point in the near future all these Bulls legends can sit down, hash out their differences and move on with their lives.

But based on how things have gone over the past year and change – that wish is quickly fading into nothingness.

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