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Nick Saban’s Daughter’s Wild Rivalry Game Photo Causes A Stir

Nick Saban’s Daughter’s Wild Rivalry Game Photo Causes A Stir

Nick Saban’s daughter Kristen doesn’t shy away from the inevitable drama that follows her around.

This week proved to be no exception.

One year ago, Tennessee pulled off a surprising victory over Alabama in the two programs’ rivalry game.

This time around – it was the Crimson Tide who turned the tables on their foes. After trailing by 13 points at one juncture, Alabama turned things around and ultimately wound up winning the outing 34-20.

Afterward, Kristen danced on Tennessee’s grave by participating in a pretty classic celebration.

“It ain’t personal, it’s all business,” she wrote in the post caption.

Fans loved it.

“You look amazing! Roll Tide! What a game,” one person wrote.

“Best win ever along with best dressed,” a second fan chimed in.

“You look great. Love the red boots,” a third fan added.

This isn’t the first time in 2023 that Saban’s daughter caused such a stir. Her provocative outfit to a game just a few weeks ago also set the internet ablaze.

It will be interesting to see how Alabama ultimately closes this year out.

Obviously losing to Texas so early in the season stung, but the Crimson Tide have been great since then. And if they can get past a troubled LSU squad in two weeks, the path is clear for them to finish with just one defeat.

At that stage, their future is anyone’s guess.

The fact that Alabama has been able to enjoy this much success in 2023 without a proper quarterback is a real testament to Saban and his coaching prowess. Arguably, it is more impressive than some of his more heralded campaigns.

Will Saban ultimately give his daughter more to get hyped about as the season approaches its conclusion? Time will tell.

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