Colin Kaepernick Reached Out To 1 NFL Team Asking For Job

Colin Kaepernick Reached Out To 1 NFL Team Asking For Job

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL since 2016. Shortly after he made the decision to publicly protest racial injustice in America prior to games, he became persona non grata around the league.

In the years since, Kaepernick has made multiple attempts to return to action. He has held workouts, publicly shared his desire to keep playing football and essentially pleaded with organizations for another shot.

To date, no one has granted him one.

This week, news emerged that Kaepernick actually made overtures to one specific squad not long ago in hopes of making a comeback.

“Pete Carroll said Colin Kaepernick reached out to him this week,” reported NFL insider John Boyle.

“Said he doesn’t yet know if that means he’ll end up getting a shot in Seattle or elsewhere.”

Back in 2020, Carroll seemed to show an openness towards signing Kaepernick when nobody else would even consider it. It’s unclear whether circumstances have changed or his same general outlook still applies.

Kaepernick is obviously a very polarizing figure in sports and society. His career has been deemed dead many times over the past few years, only for him to rise from the ashes in one form or another. That said, while he has achieved a certain level of notoriety in the general cultural zeitgeist and has discovered a myriad of ways to make money in entertainment, a return to the NFL has consistently eluded him.

As Michele Tafoya can attest to, there are certain things that just don’t mix with football. And Kaepernick’s actions and narrative appear to be that.

No matter what happens from here, it’s safe to say that Kaepernick will continue to be a mainstay in the headlines. Whether it’s because of what he reportedly made Brittany Renner do or his many other controversies, the man is a walking viral story.

Will the Seahawks ultimately give Kaepernick his one last chance? Time will tell.

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