Michele Tafoya Out At NBC Over Colin Kaepernick Comments? (Video)

Michele Tafoya Out At NBC Over Colin Kaepernick Comments? (Video)

Michele Tafoya appears to be done at NBC after a series of controversial appearances on ‘The View’ where she made some contentious comments about former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Back in November, Tafoya appeared on ‘The View’ as a guest host. While on the program, she linked COVID to the flu by pointing out that the latter also “kills people” and criticized Critical Race Theory.

Where Tafoya really appears to have irked some, however, is in her comments about Kaepernick.

In the aftermath of her time on ‘The View’ Tafoya continued working on NBC though Thanksgiving. Then, mysteriously – she vanished.

Tafoya didn’t work Thanksgiving, which is understandable. But then also went on to miss the next two Sundays.

Understandably, many began to speculate whether her showing on ‘The View’ played a role in this. Among the people asking this question: Bill Simmons of The Ringer.

The loose chatter regarding Tafoya was dismissed as a conspiracy theory – right up until today.

Today, it was announced that Tafoya is done at NBC.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, this will be Tafoya’s final season at the network.

“Sources said it is Tafoya’s decision to step away from the field,” he wrote. “She has been on network TV at CBS, ABC/ESPN and NBC for nearly three decades. NBC declined comment, while Tafoya could not be immediately reached.”

While it makes sense that Tafoya’s departure would be sold as something she had decided to do herself, it’s hard to ignore the series of events that led up to this announcement. First she did the now-infamous appearances on The View. Then she was off TV for an extended period of time. Now this.

Everyone can connect the dots as they see fit.

If Tafoya’s ‘The View’ appearance did play a role in her ultimate departure from NBC, she wouldn’t be the first sports personality to land in hot water this year over societal issues.

ESPN NBA reporters have lost their jobs over them in 2021, CBS’ most prominent football analyst had folks calling for his head over his Aaron Rodgers take, and then something similar happened to Cris Collinsworth just this weekend.

These are the times we live in now.

Will Tafoya ultimately land at another network once her time at NBC wraps? Time will tell.

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