Jaguars Player Explains Why Urban Meyer Is A Phony

Jaguars Player Explains Why Urban Meyer Is A Phony

The Urban Meyer Era has not gone as planned for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Coming into the year there was a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the prospect of what one of college football’s greatest all-time coaches would be able to bring to the NFL game.

Now, 13 games in, all feelings of enthusiasm have dissipated. Now it’s humiliation, frustration and regret.

Meyer’s most recent embarrassing video from Sunday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans went viral for obvious reasons, but it wasn’t even the most damning thing to happen to him.

Rather, the worst thing that happened to him was a Jaguars player expressing in great detail to the media why precisely he is a phony.

“He came in preaching values, family, and team,” an anonymous player told Tom Pelissero of “It’s been anything but since the start of training camp. He’s a phony and a hypocrite. We know who he is.”

Meyer’s ‘values’ pitch falling on deaf ears is understandable. A few months ago he was caught on video in a bar being pressed up on by a lovely young blonde woman who was not his wife. Then a significantly more uncomfortable clip came out, revealing precisely where Meyer was inserting his fingers while the woman was dancing.

After days of coverage, both Meyer’s wife and daughter put out statements trying to put the matter to rest. For a while it worked, only for more disturbing accusations to come out. Claims were produced regarding a number of inappropriate texts and a third worse video. It remains unclear what will come of those accusations.

This week, Jaguars owner Shad Khan made some telling comments regarding his head coach.

“I think we have a history of looking at the facts and doing the right thing,” Khan said, per Mark Long of the Associated Press. “Wins and losses, this is a little bit different. I’m going to reflect on all of that and do what’s the right thing for the team and the right thing for the city.”

Above all else, Khan said he won’t be “just acting helter-skelter on emotion.”

What does that mean for Meyer’s future? Time will tell.

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