Incredible Urban Meyer Video Goes Viral After Jaguars Lose Again

Incredible Urban Meyer Video Goes Viral After Jaguars Lose Again

The Jacksonville Jaguars got blown out by the Tennessee Titans 20-0 on Sunday.

With the loss, the Jags fell to 2-11 on the season.

One particular sequence that occurred during this outing perfectly encapsulated not only how this specific game went, but also how the entire year has gone for Jacksonville.

After his team fell in embarrassing fashion yet again, an incredible video featuring Urban Meyer immediately went viral. It featured a look of absolute dejection on his face as he went in for a handshake with Titans head coach Mike Vrabel.

Incredible stuff.

Meyer has had an awful 2021 campaign both on and off the field. The off-the-field stuff began when he was busted on video in a bar being grinded on by a pretty young blonde woman. Then an even more embarrassing clip emerged, showing exactly where Meyer was placing his hand while the woman was dancing.

Eventually both Meyer’s wife and daughter would issue statements, attempting to put the situation to bed. For a while, everything seemed to be looking up — only for more troubling claims to come out. Allegations were made about a string of improper text messages and a third worse clip. It remains to be seen what will come of those accusations.

On the field, things haven’t been much better. The Jaguars have struggled badly. Meyer’s relationship with quarterback Trevor Lawrence isn’t great, and there is chatter that the majority of the locker room has already turned on him.

Ownership appears to be fed up with Meyer as well.

With all that in mind, of course he looked pissed on Sunday. His professional career is falling apart before his very eyes and Meyer appears helpless to stop it.

Can he ultimately turn things around? Sure, anything is possible. Is that where the smart money is? Absolutely not.

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