Colin Kaepernick’s Kobe Bryant Tribute Sparks Controversy

Colin Kaepernick’s Kobe Bryant Tribute Sparks Controversy

Colin Kaepernick’s Kobe Bryant Tribute Sparks Controversy

Colin Kaepernick’s Kobe Bryant tribute sparked controversy.

Much as is the case whenever Kaepernick posts to social media now, his message was hijacked by both his supporters and detractors.

Bryant, an NBA legend, died this past Sunday in a helicopter crash that also claimed the life of his 13-year-old daughter and seven other victims.

In the immediate aftermath, Kaepernick was one of many celebrities to pay tribute to the basketball great.

“I will remember Kobe as a basketball legend, a father& a man,” Kaepernick wrote on Twitter.

“Watching him &Gigi share their relationship with us is something I won’t ever forget.

“My heart aches for his wife, children & family. I hope the waves of love being sent to his family can ease some of the pain they feel.”

Kaepernick’s message should not have been a controversial one.

It was a simple condolence and should have passed without incident, much as has been the case with other condolences.

Unfortunately, people allowed their feelings for Kaepernick get in the way of allowing that to happen.

One Twitter user immediately responded with an angry message.

“Sorry Colin – your still not playing in NFL,” the user wrote.

Kaepernick has been something of a polarizing figure ever since he opted to kneel for the National Anthem in 2016.

As a result, many either really love him for what he represents or deeply despise him for promoting a message they disagree with.

Not all the feedback to Kaepernick’s post was negative, though.

One user posted a simple compliment: “Greatness recognizes greatness.”

Kaepernick has not offered any additional comments on Bryant’s death past the initial message.

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