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Are The Redskins Firing Jay Gruden, Replacing Him With Urban Meyer?

Are The Redskins Firing Jay Gruden, Replacing Him With Urban Meyer?

Are The Redskins Firing Jay Gruden, Replacing Him With Urban Meyer?

Are the Redskins firing Jay Gruden, replacing him with Urban Meyer?

The first part of that question is a definitive yes. Gruden will most certainly get fired sooner rather than later.

The second part of that question is up for debate.

Gruden, 52, enters this week fresh off an embarrassing 31-15 thumping at the hands of the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

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The Redskins now sit at 0-3 on the year and there does not appear to be any relief in sight.

Over the next five weeks, Washington is set to face off against the New York Giants, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings.

That means over the next month and change the Redskins will suffer another three defeats at minimum – and possibly as many as four.

Hell, at this point, would them losing to Miami really shock anyone?

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Gruden might have a shot at saving his job if he were to swap in Dwayne Haskins for Case Keenum is the starting quarterback slot, but he refuses to even do that.

“Not really,” Gruden replied, when asked if he thought about a quarterback change.

“The most important thing is that we have some continuity. I can’t change people every five minutes, and I have to give Case an opportunity playing with these new guys.

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“This is his first time in this offense. … I think we can get better [offensively].

“Otherwise, if I didn’t think we had a chance to get better, then I would make a change.

“I feel Case has the tools to become a very efficient quarterback in this offense to get us some victories here moving forward.”

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Keenum had a rather pedestrian performance on Monday night versus Chicago, getting picked off three times en route to throwing for two touchdowns and 332 yards on 30 for 43 passing.

Keenum threw an interception on the first possession of the game against the Bears and was then promptly picked off twice more for the day.

He then fumbled twice, including once on a fourth-and-1 part of the way through the fourth quarter when he tried to sneak the ball past the first down marker by stretching out.

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After not turning the ball over once in the first two games of the year, Keenum turned the ball over five times.

“You have to always protect the ball than get half a yard,” Gruden said.

“Obviously we have to do a better job of protecting the football with this unit.”

Keenum, for his part, knew he messed up.

“I let the team down,” he said. “I have to take care of the ball better.”

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Either way, considering the struggles Washington has experienced on both sides of the ball so far this season, Gruden’s termination is an inevitability.

The question then becomes: who will replace him?

Offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell has been a popular name that has been floated in a lot of NFL circles, so that is certainly a possibility.

However, one out of the box suggestion that some have brought up is Meyer.

Meyer, 55, is expected to rejoin the coaching ranks at some point over the next year.

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Most people have him pegged for a stint at USC or a similar collegiate program given his past experience – but what if he threw everyone for a curve and turned to the pros?

Meyer has a history of taking historic, underperforming programs and turning them around, and he could easily do something like that in Washington.

Will the Redskins ultimately hire him?

It remains to be seen.

Could they do a lot worse?


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