Tom Brady Offers A Surprising Take On The Patriots And Antonio Brown

Tom Brady Offers A Surprising Take On The Patriots And Antonio Brown

Tom Brady Offers A Surprising Take On The Patriots And Antonio Brown

Tom Brady offers a surprising take on the Patriots and Antonio Brown in a new interview.

While speaking to the media on Monday, Brady gave a nuanced response to the situation with Brown that a lot of people were not expecting.

“I do have a lot of personal feelings, none of which I really care to share. That’s about it. It’s a difficult situation. That’s kind of how I feel,” he said.

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“I care deeply about my teammates,” he continued.

“I’ve had a lot of teammates over the years, so you invest not just your head, but your heart. You invest your soul. That’s what makes a great team. That’s what makes a great brotherhood.

“So, I think the endearing trait about sports for me is the relationships I get to build, because they’re very meaningful. That’s at the heart, philosophically, of my life,” he added.

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“It’s really about great relationships and seeing guys from all different backgrounds. I think it brings all of us together in so many ways.

“People that know me know how optimistic I am, and just my belief that positivity and optimism can overcome a lot of things,” Brady noted.

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“There’s a lot of things that get in the way of that. I think we’re in a culture where people want to cast judgment quickly on people. We want to disparage people so quickly. And it just speaks to me that a lot of people are probably hurting, because when you’re not feeling great, you want other people to know that. I think it becomes very emotional.

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“I believe the more you care for people, the more you love people, the more you find joy in your life, the better our society is, the better our communities are, the better our teams are, the better our families are. That’s how I feel.”

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