Kevin Durant Takes A Shot At Magic Johnson Over His Nets Comments

Kevin Durant Takes A Shot At Magic Johnson Over His Nets Comments

Kevin Durant takes a shot at Magic Johnson over his Nets comments in a now-deleted tweet.

Johnson, 60, appeared on ESPN’s First Take this week to touch on a myriad of NBA-related topics.

One of the things he was pressed on was Durant’s decision this summer to leave the Golden State Warriors in favor of teaming up with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn.

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Johnson mentioned that he hoped that Durant “finds happiness” with the Nets and wondered why he could not do the same with Golden State.

“KD, I hope that he finds happiness, if you can’t find happiness at Golden State, where are you going to find it at?” Johnson said.

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“I just want him to find happiness because when I look at Michael Jordan, when I look at Kobe Bryant, this brother, Kevin Durant, is one of the greatest scorers we’ve seen in NBA history, so I just want him to be happy,” he continued.

“I just don’t know where he’s going to find it at if he can’t find it at Golden State.”

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Durant, for his part, did not take kindly to the commentary by Johnson.

In now-deleted tweet, he replied “Horrible take. Just regurgitated bulls—.”

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Johnson has yet to respond to Durant’s response – so stay tuned for that.

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