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Did Notre Dame Fake Injuries vs Georgia? Brian Kelly Responds

Did Notre Dame Fake Injuries vs Georgia? Brian Kelly Responds

Did Notre Dame Fake Injuries vs Georgia? Brian Kelly Responds

Did Notre Dame fake injuries vs Georgia? Brian Kelly responded to those accusations on Monday in a teleconference.

On Saturday evening, videos began to go viral on Twitter seemingly showing Notre Dame players purposely going down on the field to stop play.

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When asked about the incidents on Monday, Kelly did not shy away from the accusations.

“Owusu was evaluated for a concussion. He was brought to the tent,” Kelly replied.

“So, that’s hard to be booing at a young man who suffered an evaluation for a concussion.

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“Quite honestly, Georgia doesn’t play very fast, so I found that to be quite interesting there would be a number of questions on something like that.”

He was then pressed on linebacker Asmar Bilal’s injury.

“Then the other one (Bilal) was cramping. Again, it’s a non-issue. It happens in college football all of the time.

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“Guys go down and they’ve got to be administered to. I’ve seen games against us where there have been many, many more, so I’m not even sure why you’re asking the question,” he added.

The Fighting Irish ended up losing the game anyway 23-17.

They now sit at 2-1 on the year.

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