Why Was Dave Portnoy Suspended From Twitter?

Why Was Dave Portnoy Suspended From Twitter?

Barstool Sports boss Dave Portnoy is no stranger to controversy.

Whether he is going off on other sports media personalities, embracing controversial people, or pissing off his own employees – Portnoy is not one to bite his tongue.

You’d think he would face the consequences of that fairly often – but no. He generally emerges relatively unscathed.

That all changed on Friday, however.

Mid-Friday afternoon, Portnoy’s account was suspended from Twitter.

Within an hour, #FreeDavePortnoy was trending on social media.

So what got him punished? Allegedly, this is the tweet that earned Portnoy the suspension:

Why Was Dave Portnoy Suspended From Twitter? 1

When Portnoy’s violent most recent sex tape leaked out, he probably thought that was going to be the worst social media-related thing to happen to him. Apparently not.

The Barstool boss will likely be back on Twitter sooner rather than later, but it really speaks to the massive following he has that it’s such a big deal he got suspended to begin with.

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