PFT Commenter Calls Out Dave Portnoy Over Barstool Racism

PFT Commenter Calls Out Dave Portnoy Over Barstool Racism

PFT Commenter Calls Out Dave Portnoy Over Barstool Racism

PFT Commenter has called out Dave Portnoy over racism at Barstool Sports.

In a column penned on Thursday in response to growing controversy at the very popular sports media company, PFT specifically cites a recently re-released video of Portnoy, Kevin ‘KFC’ Clancy and Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz in which they made controversial comments regarding Colin Kaepernick, Arabs and Palestinians.

The brouhaha involving that video, in turn, led many to recall a clip in which Portnoy uses the n-word while reciting music lyrics.

As a result of Portnoy and Barstool’s various racial controversies this week, one of the brand’s podcasts decided to delve into the topic. Unfortunately, due to the title of the episode, the content did not quite land in the way that the people involved likely hoped it would.

At least one person involved with the podcast, Trill Withers, caught serious criticism for the title. That, most likely, played a role in PFT’s decision to come out and call out his boss.

“I don’t know exactly how to fix this short of making Willie Dave’s boss, but I do know that what’s happened over the last 4 days is not going to work in the long-term,” he wrote.

PFT recently signed a contract extension with Barstool Sports, so it is difficult to see a scenario where he goes anywhere. Besides, the Pardon My Take podcast which he co-hosts with Katz is arguably the most successfully entity owned by Barstool.

That being said, PFT’s position in the company also provides him with the freedom to be brutally honest with Portnoy. And clearly he has decided to take advantage of that opportunity.

It will be interesting to see how Portnoy ultimately responds to PFT’s comments.

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