Is Trill Withers Leaving Barstool Over 2Biggs Podcast Title?

Is Trill Withers Leaving Barstool Over 2Biggs Podcast Title?

Is Trill Withers Leaving Barstool Over 2Biggs Podcast Title?

Is Trill Withers leaving Barstool Sports over a recent 2Biggs podcast title?

It has been a rough week for Barstool as it pertains to controversy.

Just days after Dave Portnoy fought back against accusations of racism and discrimination regarding an old Colin Kaepernick segment, a new situation has arisen.

This week, the 2Biggs Podcast did an episode with Willie Colon, Brandon Newman, Zah, Trill Withers, Liz Gonzalez and the 20 Dollar Chef. The episode was titled “Now It’s Gonna Get Extremely Real,” with the screenshot just showing the acronym.

Because of what the letters spelled out, some people got very upset.

On Wednesday night, Trill came out and said he had no idea what the episode was going to be called.

“I didn’t know the title of the show was going to be that and I understand people wont listen bc of that,” he tweeted.

“I get it. For those who do, i hope the discourse we had makes sense bc i enjoyed hearing the different perspectives.”

Withers’ partner on the Mickstape Podcast, Coley, came out late Wednesday to defend his friend.

“I really don’t care to see the character of one of my best friends questioned when he’s been using his platform for years to shine a light on things everyone else in media ignored, sidestepped or swept under the rug,” he tweeted.

“Pull up any episode of Mickstape,” he continued.

“Any one of them. If we didn’t mention either mental health or racism or the Flint water crisis or (fill in the fucking blank) it would genuinely shock me. I don’t need a pat on the back, that’s not what it’s ever been about.

“Tyler was the first person in major sports media to talk about the incredible work Maya Moore has been doing. Tyler was the only one bringing attention to the Ferguson protestors who keep getting slain. To question that man’s intent is fucking garbage.

“I wanted a funny person to get the credit they deserve in the form of a check. Everything else he’s done with that platform is a credit to him as a human being. Give him his flowers or shut the fuck up.”

Some on the Barstool Sports subreddit began to speculate that Trill may leave the company.

“I honestly think this will result in Tyler leaving the company,” one user wrote.

“He spends a lot of time on Twitter and people that he’s referenced on the podcast have called him out. He says he didn’t know about the name but that has to be another problem along with all the stuff against Dave.”

It will be interesting to see if Withers ultimately goes anywhere when it is all said and done.

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