What If Lakers Can’t Trade Russell Westbrook For Kyrie Irving?

What If Lakers Can’t Trade Russell Westbrook For Kyrie Irving?

The Los Angeles Lakers are actively working on a way to trade Russell Westbrook to the Brooklyn Nets in return for Kyrie Irving.

It’s something of an open secret at this point. Everyone knows what’s what.

Currently two players are viewed as the roadblocks preventing a deal from going down, but the hope is that the issues will be overcome. A general framework for a perspective swap exists, and that is usually the first step.

But what happens if all sides involved can’t reach a deal? What if L.A. can’t unload Westbrook?

NBA insider Marc Stein addressed that topic last week:

Westbrook attended summer league this past week and fell victim to a pretty brutal 3-word chant from Lakers fans. Clearly all sides involved would like to move on.

By any objective measure, Westbrook’s stint in Los Angeles has been an ugly one. He beefed with coaches. He beefed with fans. It has been awful to watch.

It’s time that everyone go their separate ways.

Will the Lakers and Nets be able to make that happen?

Time will tell.

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