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Video Shows Oklahoma State Getting Robbed vs Iowa State

Video Shows Oklahoma State Getting Robbed vs Iowa State

Iowa State defeated No. 8 ranked Oklahoma State on Saturday 24-21.

Unfortunately, the win did not come without controversy.

Down by three in the closing moments, Oklahoma State found itself facing a fourth-and-2 situation.

They went for it, obviously, only to get completely screwed by officials on a terrible spot.

The video speaks for itself:

Clearly that should have been marked as a first down. Unfortunately, it wasn’t – thereby wrecking the Cowboys’ undefeated season and cheating them out of a hard-earned victory.

It’s unclear whether this was the officials’ way of rectifying their awful taunting call earlier in the game or what, but that spot was horrible.

Aside from one off stories like an SEC reporter being criticized for her “revealing” wardrobe and blatant bullying of team staff, bad refereeing has been the major story of the college football season thus far. It is a problem that has plagued every conference on a weekly basis and likely won’t change any time soon.

At a certain point, the powers that be are going to need to step up and do something about this situation. If they don’t, the integrity of the game may suffer the sort of irreparable damage it’ll never be able to recover from.

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