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New Video Shows Texas A&M Cheating In Win Over Alabama

New Video Shows Texas A&M Cheating In Win Over Alabama

Texas A&M earned a hard-fought victory over Alabama on Saturday evening.

In securing the upset 41-38 victory, Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher became the first former assistant of Nick Saban’s to beat the Crimson Tide coach in 25 tries.

Unfortunately, the win did not come without controversy.

A big part of Texas A&M’s path to victory was getting physical with Alabama. Sometimes that involved them using totally legitimate tactics, other times, not so much.

On key example of this occurred in the first quarter, when Alabama running back Brian Robinson Jr. took the carry and rushed the ball forward – only to be brought down by two Texas A&M defenders.

At the end of the play, Texas A&M defensive lineman Jayden Peevy dove into the pile and seemingly punched Robinson.

Robinson was clearly already down, so nobody can legitimately make the case that Peevy was making a play for the ball there.

Despite the move being a clear foul, officials did not blow the whistle on it.

In a game of inches that’s determined by a field goal, this kind of stuff matters.

Bad officiating has been the theme of this college football season so far. Oregon was blatantly cheated out of a victory last week, and Mississippi State was similarly robbed two weeks ago.

At a certain point, someone is going to have to do something about the refereeing of these games. Because if they don’t, it could do irreparable damage to the integrity of the game.

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