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New Video Shows Oregon Was Cheated Out Of Win vs Stanford

New Video Shows Oregon Was Cheated Out Of Win vs Stanford

Stanford stunned the world on Saturday night with a 31-24 victory over Oregon.

The loss sent the then-No. 3 ranked Ducks tumbling down the top 25 and furthered the Pac-12’s tradition of cannibalizing itself.

Unfortunately, an asterisk needs to be included when discussing both this particular game and all the ramifications of it.

The video speaks for itself:

With roughly 30 seconds remaining in the game and Stanford in position score a touchdown, the team’s entire o-line quite blatantly jumped before the snap.

The referee monitoring the play clearly saw what unfolded, but yet there was no whistle.

Everybody knows what happened next. Stanford converted a pass, Oregon got called for defensive pass interference on fourth-and-goal and Stanford ultimately ended up tying the game.

If not for the brutal non-call, Oregon likely would’ve emerged from this particular outing victorious.

This obviously isn’t the first case of botched officiating in recent memory. An SEC squad was cheated out of clear victory last week and Oregon was on the receiving end of a very generous call just a couple of weeks ago.

At some point, the powers that be will need to step in and do something about this situation. The integrity of the sport is eroded every single time something like this occurs.

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