Urban Meyer’s Daughter Has Strong Reaction To His Firing (Photo)

Urban Meyer’s Daughter Has Strong Reaction To His Firing (Photo)

The Jacksonville Jaguars fired head coach Urban Meyer 13 games into the season late Wednesday night.

Just days after a Jaguars player came out publicly and expressed in great detail why Meyer was a phony, and mere hours after accusations of him at one point in the preseason kicking the team’s kicker emerged, he was out.

In the aftermath of the decision, Meyer’s daughter, Gigi, had a strong reaction to everything that had transpired.

She post her reaction on Instagram:

Urban Meyer’s Daughter Has Strong Reaction To His Firing (Photo) 1

“The enemy (aka the world) really doesn’t wanna see good people win,” she wrote. “And you can argue whether my dad is a ‘good person’ or not based on what you see in the media (super reliable source of info as we know).

“Anyone who truly knows us knows how incredible he is as a person. And the world hates any platform we have, so he’s going to create chaos to destroy it. Little does he know he’s making it stronger. It’s not over. Keep watching.”

This is not the first time Gigi had responded to an incident involving her father. A few months back, when video leaked of Meyer getting grinded on by a pretty young blonde and then the enhanced video of him sticking his fingers up her you-know-what also came out, she was one of the first people to offer a defense.

Obviously Gigi will have her own interpretation of what happened with her father and the Jaguars, but the facts speak for themselves. The team was 2-11 on the year with him at the helm, but that likely wasn’t what doomed him. After all, Jacksonville has had 10 seasons with double digit losses in the last 11 years.

Rather, what really doomed Meyer was all the new humiliation he brought upon the franchise.

The embarrassing viral videos. The allegations of improper text messages and a third worse video. That sort of thing.

It also didn’t help that Meyer’s relationship with quarterback Trevor Lawrence wasn’t great and that the majority of the locker room had already turned on him.

All in all, Meyer’s firing was an inevitability. Most just assumed he would be able to survive one full season before it happened.

Turns out – that would ultimately not be the case.

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