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Urban Meyer Reveals What Led To Infamous Lap Dance Video

Urban Meyer Reveals What Led To Infamous Lap Dance Video

Urban Meyer spent one extremely unfruitful season as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

During his stint with the organization, the one-time much-heralded leader of men somehow managed to alienate his players and tick off his assistant coaches in a manner previously unseen.

But Meyer’s troubles didn’t end with football.

Midway through his run as the Jaguars’ head coach Meyer got caught on camera receiving a lap dance from a pretty blonde woman that was not his wife. Chaos immediately ensued, particularly when alternate angles of the incident showed precisely where he was shoving his hand.

This week, Meyer spoke with Dan Dakick on “Don’t @ Me” and provided some insight into his mindset at the time of the incident.

“It was the worst experience I’ve had in my professional lifetime,” he said.

“What really got me, I almost don’t want to say people accept it, I mean, you lose a game, and you just keep…I would seriously have self-talk. I went through that whole depression thing too where I’d stare at the ceilings and [think] ‘are we doing everything possible’ because I really believed we had a roster that was good enough to win games. I just don’t think we did a great job.

“It eats away at your soul. I tried to train myself to say ‘okay, it happens in the NFL. At one point, the Jaguars lost 20 in a row. Think about that. 20 games where you’re leaving the field where you lost. And we lost five in a row at one point and I remember I…just couldn’t function. I was trying to rally myself up, I was in charge of the team, obviously, and then we won two out of three, and I really felt like we flipped that thing.”

Being depressed is certainly understandable. And it’s particularly reasonable when you have spent the vast majority of your career up to that point winning.

That said – unhappiness doesn’t justify bad behavior. There’s a reason Meyer’s wife reacted the way she did when the video first emerged. And that’s to say nothing of the allegations of improper text messages and a worse unreleased video that came out afterwards.

At the end of the day, Meyer’s run in Jacksonville was historically bad. No one can deny that. And based on the tone he is taking in his interviews as of late, it seems like he understands that.

Fortunately, being one of the all-time great college football coaches has its perks. There’s a reason he was quite literally just linked to one of the best college football gigs around the second it had an opening.

At some point in the foreseeable future Meyer will get another shot at doing what he does best. What he’ll ultimately do when he gets that opportunity remains to be seen.

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