Trey Lance Stripper Video Emerges Amid 49ers Struggles

Trey Lance Stripper Video Emerges Amid 49ers Struggles

Trey Lance struggled mightily in the San Francisco 49ers’ opening week loss to the Chicago Bears.

Not only did the young quarterback go 13-of-28 for 164 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception, but he also failed to show the sort of situational good judgement Jimmy Garoppolo often displayed.

Lance’s troubles didn’t end on the field Sunday, though.

This week a video emerged that raised some eyebrows among NFL fans:

With social media being the source of warmth and understanding that it always is, reactions to the video poured in immediately:

Lance has had himself a rough last few months. Between his girlfriend drama and the controversy surrounding his dumb tattoo – it has been one thing after another.

Now this.

Obviously Lance isn’t the first quarterback to make headlines for his off-the-field exploits. Tom Brady does so quite frequently. Ditto for Russell Wilson. But those guys are Super Bowl champs.

Lance is not.

This week’s looming showdown between the Niners and Seattle Seahawks will be telling. If Lance bounces back strong and had a good game, all his past ills will be forgotten.

Should he struggle again, though – don’t be surprised if the chatter around Garoppolo returning to the starting lineup suddenly intensifies.

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