49ers’ Trey Lance Gets Dumb Tattoo Amid GF Drama (Photos)

49ers’ Trey Lance Gets Dumb Tattoo Amid GF Drama (Photos)

Second-year star Trey Lance will almost certainly be the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback come next season.

After serving as Jimmy Garoppolo’s backup for much of 2021-22, multiple reports have suggested that the Niners are preparing to hand Lance the keys to the kingdom this coming year. And understandably so. With Garoppolo out, he showed some flashes of brilliance – amassing 603 yards and five touchdowns to only two interceptions.

Lance hasn’t just made headlines in the offseason for his on-the-field proclivities, though. He has also been in the news for off-the-field stuff as well.

This week, he went viral for his brand new back tattoo:

Understandably, folks had some reactions to this interesting life choice.

That back tattoo wasn’t Lance’s only faux pas of the offseason, though. There was also the random drama surrounding his purported girlfriend Brynn Chandler, and the bizarre accusations that were made about them.

Neither Lance, nor Chandler (who went viral at a Niners game last season) have done much to address those claims.

Instead, Chandler has mostly just focused on posting stuff like this:

In any case, it will be interesting to see what Lance can accomplish in 2022-23. According to ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler, he appears to be under the impression that he will go into next year as the 49ers’ starting quarterback.

“Trey Lance has been working out in the Bay Area,” Fowler said this week on SportsCenter. “I’m told that he’s got indications, at least informal indications from the team, that he’ll be the guy next year. He’s set to be that. Now, whether that means that they would still keep Garoppolo and that could change the dynamic, possibly. But right now, Lance is going to be the starter.”

Last month, Niners legend Jerry Rice suggested that Lance had the support of the team’s other big stars to take over the offense.

“I’m sure the players, just from working out with this guy during the week, during practice, they have a pretty good perception of what he’s capable of doing,” Rice told CBS Sports HQ. “I see a guy that’s really raw, with a very strong arm, that has that ‘it factor,’ where he can go out and elevate his teammates. Listening to Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, all those guys, they really believe in Trey Lance. And I think he’s going to have a great season this year.”

Hopefully Lance can zero in and focus on taking over for Garoppolo in a productive way. Off-the-field drama will always exist, but you want to be in the news more for your play than all the other nonsense.

Will that be the case for Lance this year? Time will tell.

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