49ers QB Trey Lance’s GF Brynn Chandler Responds To Allegations

49ers QB Trey Lance’s GF Brynn Chandler Responds To Allegations

Trey Lance was selected third overall by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Although he spent most of the season serving as a back-up to Jimmy Garoppolo, in the moments when he did get an opportunity to play – Lance looked reasonably good.

With Garoppolo clearly on his way out, Lance looks poised to become the odds-on favorite to be San Francisco’s starter come next season.

One person greatly impacted by the increased attention Lance has been getting is his girlfriend, Brynn Chandler.

Chandler has previously gone viral for what she did at a 49ers game. This week she blew up online once more – this time for her response to the uncomfortable allegation that her beau acts single.

“Overall, the MANS GOT POTENTIAL,” wrote the WAGS Unfiltered Instagram account. “The 22 year-old has had an impressive start to his NFL career. He was the third top NFL 2021 draft pick, and it is rumored by multiple sources that it’s likely he will become starting QB for the 49ers in the ’22 season.

“Although he became injured in August 2021 and has been sitting out for most of the season ever since, there have been many words of admiration by his fellow playmates that he is still killing it in practice and has an extremely bright future ahead of him in the NFL. Side note: It is rumored he has a gf named Brynn, but he don’t post her so do what you will with that information 😉”

That prompted this response from Chandler:

49ers QB Trey Lance’s GF Brynn Chandler Responds To Allegations 1

To be fair, there don’t appear to be too many mentions of Chandler on Lance’s Instagram page. None, actually.

Then again, the same is true for Chandler. She doesn’t have any Lance-related content up either. She does have a lot of great stuff of her own, though:

It will be interesting to see where all parties involved go from here. Presumably, Lance’s stock will only rise.

Just this week, Niners legend Jerry Rice gave him the ultimate praise.

“I’m sure the players, just from working out with this guy during the week, during practice, they have a pretty good perception of what he’s capable of doing,” Rice told CBS Sports HQ. “I see a guy that’s really raw, with a very strong arm, that has that ‘it factor,’ where he can go out and elevate his teammates.

“Listening to Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, all those guys, they really believe in Trey Lance. And I think he’s going to have a great season this year.”

And as Lance’s profile continues to grow, Chandler’s will as well.

How will this couple ultimately handle the scrutiny that inevitably comes with NFL superstardom? Time will tell.

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