Stephen Curry Gets Brutally Honest About Russell Westbrook’s Struggles

Stephen Curry Gets Brutally Honest About Russell Westbrook’s Struggles

Russell Westbrook’s disastrous season with the Los Angeles Lakers has now reached a new low.

Not only is Westbrook’s wife regularly getting into online fights and making odd claims over it, but even rival players are feeling the need to interject.

This week, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry decided to weigh in on what was transpiring in LA with Westbrook.

His comments were telling.

“I told him when we played them in L.A. a couple of days ago that I respect how he’s handled the whole year just in terms of everything he’s been saying and how he’s been handling himself and protecting his family,” Curry told Yahoo Sports.

“It is the nature of the beast. And in a certain perspective, they build you up to break you down. The real ones who have done amazing things in this league know what that means. He’s a professional, and I’m proud of the way he’s conducting himself and I’m there for him.”

Curry didn’t stop there, though.

“The fan perspective, it is kind of B.S. when it crosses the line in terms of attacking somebody personally, their name, and not keeping it to just basketball,” he added.

Curry can put whatever spin he wants onto this situation, but the reality is that Westbrook has been awful for the Lakers. Fans have responded to that – nothing more or less.

Moreover, it’s not even Westbrook’s terrible play that’s his worst quality. It’s his bad attitude. There’s a reason why Lakers coaches hate him and Magic Johnson is over his drama.

The key to Westbrook not getting hate is him changing his style of play and attitude. That’s literally all he needs to do. But he won’t, of course.

And so long as he refuses to – he deserves every little bit of flak he ultimately receives.

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