Skip Bayless, Russell Westbrook’s Wife Nina Exchange Jabs (Photos)

Skip Bayless, Russell Westbrook’s Wife Nina Exchange Jabs (Photos

Skip Bayless is one of the most provocative sports broadcasters on the planet. A big part of his rise to prominence and ongoing popularity has been his choice of who he criticizes and the rationales he offers for doing so.

Earlier this year, Bayless was one of the first people to criticize the Los Angeles Lakers’ acquisition of Russell Westbrook. He derided LeBron James for okaying it – and ultimately he was proven correct.

This week, Bayless set his targets on Russ once again in a brutal series of tweets.

One person who did not take kindly to this? Russ’ wife, Nina. She went after Bayless on Twitter – hard.

Nina also posted this message on Instagram:

Skip Bayless, Russell Westbrook’s Wife Nina Exchange Jabs (Photos) 1

“I just found out that [Skip Bayless] blocked me on twitter … as though I’m the one constantly harassing him and calling him out of his name,” she wrote.

“Mr. Bayless. I’m a real person. If you’re able to use your platform to degrade my husband and constantly call him out of his name, then at least be adult enough to deal with the consequences of your actions. Don’t try to erase me from your reality to make yourself feel better about your choices. I’m still here. There’s no need to block me. Just be respectful, and I have no reason to respond or remind you of your reckless choices. Just do better.”

Reactions to Nina were mixed. Some felt like she was in the right, whereas others felt like Bayless’ criticism wasn’t exactly out of bounds.

Bayless is undeniably a provocateur, through and through. Trolling has earned him millions upon millions of dollars. Whether he is settling the LeBron vs Kevin Durant debate like only he can or revealing Bronny’s purported role in Westbrook coming to LA – he knows how to make headlines.

But does that make what he has said about Russ untrue? Probably not. The man is struggling bad this year.

Just like when he posted this interesting photo of his wife, Bayless will continue to do whatever gets him engagement both online and on TV.

If that means continuing to bash Russ for his LA struggles – then that is precisely what he will continue to do.

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