Did LeBron Make Lakers Get Russell Westbrook Because Of Bronny?

Did LeBron Make Lakers Get Russell Westbrook Because Of Bronny?

The Los Angeles Lakers’ acquisition of Russell Westbrook this past offseason was met with much debate.

Supporters insisted that Westbrook’s Hall of Fame pedigree would fit perfectly alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Detractors maintained that Westbrook was an odd fit with this unit and wouldn’t be successful.

In the end, the latter group was correct. More than halfway through the season, Westbrook has been an abject disaster. Because of his poor fit, the Lakers currently find themselves ninth in the Western Conference.

There has been a lot of chatter regarding why James insisted that LA acquire Westbrook to begin with. Some believe it was because of the passionate plea Westbrook made to him.

This week, a new theory emerged.

According to Fox Sports broadcaster Skip Bayless, LeBron’s son Bronny might be partially responsible.

“I read yesterday Westbrook has been Bronny’s favorite player,” Bayless said.

“Could that be part of the reason LeBron pushed to acquire Westbrook instead of the player Pelinka had a deal for – Buddy Hield? What a mistake that was by LeBron. Wesbrick: So many team-wrecking turnovers and ugly misses.”

Regardless of whose fault the Westbrook signing is, it’s done and nothing can change it. All that matters now is how all parties involved move forward.

The Lakers have put five players on the trade block ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

If the front office can get something going, acquire someone of note and make a late-season run – then all of the woes that came before that will be forgotten.

If that scenario doesn’t materialize, though – this may go down as one of the most disappointing Laker campaigns in modern franchise history.

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