Did Justin Herbert Sign A Chargers Fan’s Butt? (Photos)

Did Justin Herbert Sign A Chargers Fan’s Butt? (Photos)

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is one of the biggest young stars in the entire NFL.

Although he just missed the postseason this year, the 2022 Pro Bowl MVP made massive strides as a passer. When it was all said and done, he finished with countless new records as well as 5,014 passing yards, 38 passing touchdowns, 14 picks and a 65.9 completion percentage.

But Herbert isn’t just a star on the field.

He is apparently a man of the people off it as well.

According to, Herbert allegedly signed a photo of a Chargers fan’s butt recently.

“I was planning on going to the raiders/chargers game in Vegas but ended up not making it due to short notice,” the report read.

“My friend (raiders fan), however, did end up going and was sitting front row on the visitors sideline (by the chargers benches). I printed and sent him the photo and asked him to try and get Herbert (or any player really) to sign it. After the game, he waved over and gave it to a chargers employee and basically said something like ‘it would make my friend’s life if you got Herbert to sign this.’ The guy laughed, took it, and came back around 20 minutes later with a signature while cleaning up the benches, etc.

This is the photo my friend sent from the hotel, so I wasn’t totally positive it was Herbert’s.. He mailed it to me and after comparing it online, it looks like it’s the real deal.”

Not quite the same as when Dak Prescott’s girlfriend got his name on her butt, but similar idea.

This isn’t the first time a faceless Chargers fan made headlines for her connection with Herbert.

A few months back, a very salacious offer was extended to the young quarterback due to his stellar play.

Given that attractive women on social media and football stars go together like peanut butter and jelly, this likely won’t be the last time Herbert gets a proposal of this variety.

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