Chargers Fan’s Provocative Offer For QB Justin Herbert (Photos)

Chargers Fan’s Provocative Offer For QB Justin Herbert (Photos)

Second-year Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is in the midst of an incredible 2021-22 NFL campaign.

This past week he recorded three touchdowns and 275 yards on 23-of-31 passing to lead his team to a 37-21 victory over the New York Giants.

In the process, Herbert finished with a 133.1 rating and no interceptions.

Understandably, Herbert’s stellar play has been very thrilling for Chargers fans. One fan, in particular, was so excited that she decided to present the 23-year-old with a very provocative offer.

The fan in question is no stranger to salacious posts, as evidenced by some of her photos:

It remains to be seen if Herbert will ultimately opt to take her up on her offer. That said, it’s not hard to see why this fan is so enthralled.

Herbert’s 59-yard touchdown bomb to Jalen Guyton, which traveled 63.8 yards and was the second-longest completion in the NFL this season, was one of the sexiest things to ever happen in football:

Attractive women on social media and NFL players go together like peanut butter and jelly, so this likely won’t be the last time Herbert gets an offer of this nature.

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