Magic Johnson’s Brutal Message For Lakers Star Russell Westbrook

Magic Johnson’s Brutal Message For Lakers Star Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors 124-116 on Saturday.

Although beating one of the West’s top teams is obviously impressive on paper, it’s worth remembering that the Warriors have been struggling mightily as of late. That’s Point A.

Point B is that the Lakers’ victory was far more the byproduct of LeBron James and the 56 points he dropped than anything Russell Westbrook did.

Yes, Westbrook finished with 20 points. But he got those points on 17 shots. And he managed to record a team-high five turnovers in the process. The fact that his effort against Golden State is arguably his most impressive of the season is telling.

There’s a reason why his wife and Skip Bayless trade trading blows on social media.

That said, Bayless isn’t the only person unhappy with Westbrook right now. Lakers legend Magic Johnson is also displeased with what he has seen. And he shared why this past week.

“Quit battling the press,” Johnson said. “Take ownership and accountability… I’m tired of the excuses.”

Westbrook, of course, has been super defiant with the media every time they point out his undeniable struggles in Los Angeles. That hasn’t endeared him to anyone.

Between his poor attitude and even worse play, Johnson spit a harsh truth about Westbrook’s arrival to LA.

“This trade could go down as the worst trade in Laker history if we don’t get out of the play-in game,” he said.

It’s unlikely that the Lakers will be able to right this ship. Westbrook is a lost cause and this squad lacks any sort of legitimate cohesiveness. For better or worse, this is the roster – and nothing can be done to fix it.

One thing is for certain, though: Westbrook has worn out his welcome with the Lakers. It’s unclear what will happen to team as a whole over the offseason, but it’s all but a foregone conclusion that Westbrook is a goner.

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