Tom Brady’s Troubling Video Amid Gisele Bundchen Divorce Rumors

Tom Brady’s Troubling Video Amid Gisele Bundchen Divorce Rumors

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is going through a rough stretch.

From a professional standpoint, the 45-year-old is nursing issues with both his throwing shoulder and his right hand.

On a personal level, his marriage with internationally-renowned super model Gisele Bundchen seems to be disintegrating.

This week, Brady took to social media to post a video. Some became troubled by it upon seeing it.

The clip in question largely speaks for itself:


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While on its face the video may seem normal, eagle-eyed fans quickly made two big observations: Brady was no longer wearing his wedding ring and the music in the background was by Drake and Future.


The wedding ring thing is notable because Bundchen too opted to stop wearing hers recently. As for Drake and Future – few in the game have as many songs perfectly suited for dealing with break-ups as they do.

“Insane music selection,” one fan wrote.

“Tommy too cold with the song choice,” another agreed.

“The song choice is wild,” a third chimed in.

Bundchen has made her position on reconciliation with Brady fairly clear. It appears as though the Buccaneers star is finally getting the memo.

It will be interesting to see what impact this whole mess ultimately has on Brady’s on-the-field results. Last week word emerged that his teammates were openly mocking and ridiculing his marriage woes. That can’t be great for morale.

Tampa Bay is currently 2-2 on the year and sits atop the NFC South. Because of how horrible the division is this year, there will be plenty of opportunities to get on track before the playoffs.

What also works in the Buccaneers’ favor is that they have the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL:

Tampa Bay’s next three outings will be against the Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers. The team will then likely be 5-2 going into a pair of moderately tough games against the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Rams, only to coast again after that.

It really wouldn’t be all that shocking to see the Bucs end the year with 11 or 12 wins, despite not playing all that great.

And once Brady gets into the playoffs – anything is possible.

Divorce is never easy. Brady is still only human. This process he is going through is tough.

But he needs to get his mind right.

If he can recover from this, stay healthy and lead the Buccaneers to another Super Bowl – it will take his legacy to a place nobody could have imagined was possible.

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