Tom Brady’s Buccaneers Teammates Mock His Marriage Woes

Tom Brady’s Buccaneers Teammates Mock His Marriage Woes

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have looked decent enough so far this season, but they have also been mired by off-the-field controversy.

Specifically, Brady’s numerous issues with wife Gisele Bundchen have taken center stage.

Endless debates have occurred regarding whether she forced him to abruptly retire and then un-retire this summer, and what role his decision to come back to the team is playing in their current separation.

Apparently, some of Brady’s teammates are over it.

According to a recent report, Brady has become something of a “laughingstock” in the Bucs locker room over his various marital woes.

“Some of the players are irritated that all the talk’s on Tom and his messed-up love life… Others find it damn funny that he’s this supposed Greatest of All Time player, but now is groveling to his wife for one last chance to prove himself,” Radar Online reported.

“There are some pretty cruel nicknames and jokes doing the rounds.”

Specifically, Brady has allegedly been described as looking “weak” by some of his teammates.

“We’re told that some of Brady’s teammates are opening snickering the 45-year-old superstar quarterback is looking weak off the field,” the report continued.


At this point, the situation between Brady and Bundchen is a matter of public record. The alleged threats she made towards him. The end game for both parties. It’s all known information.

Time will tell where it will all go, but it’s easy to see why everything that is occurring would weigh on Brady mentally. By all accounts he has been and continues to look miserable at team events.

The Buccaneers have a tough outing this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs, but from there the squad’s schedule actually becomes very favorable.

With showdowns looming against the Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers – it’s easy to see a scenario where they’re 6-1 or 5-2 after seven games.

From there it’s two mediocre difficulty level match-ups against two flawed teams in the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Rams, before finishing the season off against the likes of the Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, Panthers and Falcons.

There is one potentially tough game sprinkled in the middle there against the Cincinnati Bengals, but they’re very much a mixed bag right now.

For all the drama, the Buccaneers should handily win their division this year. And without breaking much of a sweat.

Once he is in the playoffs, assuming his team stays relatively healthy, nobody is more dangerous than Brady.

Single. Divorced. In-between. Brady is formidable in the postseason even if he is playing one-handed.

The Buccaneers may be surrounded by drama right now, but it genuinely seems like they have about as good a chance at winning the Super Bowl as they ever with Brady.

Will they actually be able to get it done, though?

Time will tell.

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