Gisele Bundchen’s Final Tom Brady Decision Amid Buccaneers Opener

Gisele Bundchen’s Final Tom Brady Decision Amid Buccaneers Opener

Tom Brady’s already-hectic summer has been getting increasingly more stressful in recent weeks.

When the 45-year-old retired and then abruptly un-retired from the NFL earlier this year, many immediately assumed something was wrong.

Then when he suddenly announced that he needed to take an oddly-timed break from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers mid-training camp, suspicions grew.

Last week word finally emerged about what was wrong: Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen were reportedly having some very real marital issues.

It had gotten to the point where she had allegedly made an extremely grave threat towards him, and divorce was suddenly a very legitimate possibility.

This week things went from bad to worse.

Apparently, Bundchen now no longer has any interest in publicly supporting Brady either. Once upon a time a mainstay at his games, she reportedly will not attend the Buccaneers’ season opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

“It feels very different this year than last year. She was excited to be here, we saw her around,” a source revealed to People Magazine. “I’m not saying she can’t possibly come, but nothing is in place for her to be here for the first regular season game and that seems weird.”

It has apparently gotten to the point where folks are even avoiding broaching the topic of Bundchen entirely in Brady’s presence.

“Everyone here knows that there’s tension, but we don’t know how serious it is,” the source added. “So we’re just not talking to him about Gisele. It’s not a topic anyone wants to bring up to him.”


This matter seems to be escalating to a point of potential no return.

Fans recently noticed a very dramatic change in Brady’s appearance. Now it’s easy to understand why it happened. While his professional life seems to be in as good of a place as it’s usually in, his personal one seems to be falling apart.

Back when Brady un-retired this summer, Bundchen put out a statement. Nobody paid it much mind at the time. But in hindsight, maybe everyone should have.

Brady and Bundchen have two children together. The hope is that they will be able to work through whatever presently ails their relationship for their sake.

But if they cannot, it’s hard not to wonder what sort of mental toll it will take on Brady this season.

Will Brady and Bundchen be able to get on the same page in the coming weeks and months?

Time will tell.

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