Stephen Curry Gets Blunt About Jordan Poole’s Place On Warriors

Stephen Curry Gets Blunt About Jordan Poole’s Place On Warriors

The Golden State Warriors found themselves in disarray this week when a fight broke out between two of its bigger stars.

The altercation in question occurred between veteran Draymond Green and rising star Jordan Poole.

Roughly 48 hours after it happened, video of it leaked out on social media.

Putting aside the issue of the fight itself, the other troubling problem that emerged as a result of it was a damning report about Poole himself. Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, who some believe has a particularly good relationship with Green, suggested that the incident was a byproduct of poor behavior on Poole’s part.

On Thursday, Warriors star Stephen Curry set out to dispel that rumor.

“There was nothing that warranted the situation yesterday,” Curry told the media.

Curry then went on to add that the questions about Poole’s attitude that have arisen after the fact are “not fair” to the youngster.

Yikes. It sounds like the Warriors have a real mess on their hands.

Obviously Green was apologetic about what happened after the fact, but that doesn’t really change anything. Head coach Steve Kerr has admitted himself that veterans have been picking on Poole this summer.

Kerr’s confession suggests two things: that tensions between Poole and some veterans has been building for some time, and that something has to be causing it.

What that something is remains unclear.

It is an open secret at this juncture that at least one NBA team has serious interest in taking Poole off the Warriors’ hands. To date, the front office has resisted trade inquiries.

Will that change in light of what transpired this past week? Time will tell.

It isn’t especially clear which Warriors veterans (aside from Green) have a problem with Poole, but it is obvious that Curry isn’t one of them. And that has to be huge for all parties involved.

Watch this space. How this situation unfolds from here on out will have massive ramifications for Golden State’s 2022-23 NBA season.

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